Power of Persuasion

“What is the role of critical thinking in the pedagogy of storytelling?”

Your job as the storyteller is to imagine an arena for your story and engage your audience in critical thinking and evaluation as well as maintaining an engaging and entertaining form of inspiration and then asking yourself what did I learn about myself from this experience? It is the job of your audience to interpret your story, find their own meaning in it and then turn it back over to you for further self-reflection. Your audience (critique) will help you self-reflect.

As a storyteller we create not only to share our thoughts and stories but to help ourselves reflect and find meaning in our own creations. We use our audience to help us do this. We look for guidance to  help us interpret our own meaning.

Digital storytelling is a great media literacy vehicle. When students persuade with media, they see how media producers persuade them. -Jason Ohler

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